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Upcoming Mission: August 2016 - Nepal

Currently OHM is planning its inaugural free clinic mission at the end of December. We will be hosted by the Neydo Monastery in Pharping, a region outside of Kathmandu that is considered a major holy pilgrimage site by both Hindu’s and Buddhists. It is in the foothills of the Himalayas about 25km south of Kathmandu city where many prominent Tibetan Buddhist masters have established monasteries and nunneries. At this moment, we are actively recruiting a team of practitioners and raise enough money to fund this trip. Funding for this trip is estimated at around $25,000.

Volunteer Opportunities

Please connect with us through social media or our Contact Us page to get updates on Open Hands Medicine events.  We'll be providing field training for volunteers and traditional and Chinese Medicine practitioners, and we'll have trip recaps following work in the field.

Please connect with us through social media or our Contact Us page with interest in supporting Open Hands Medicine.  Whether through joining us in the field or aiding us locally with operations, you can be a part of providing aid annually to thousands of people in need.

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