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Plan of Action

Applied Medicine: Provide immediate and short term health care primarily using East Asian Medicine in underserved areas, particularly Nepal and other regions of  South-East Asia.


Leaving a Legacy: Develop sustainable health care in these same regions by establishing regular clinic visits and eventually small clinic outposts.


Education: Training and increasing awareness of East Asian medical practitioners for emergency and field conditions through classes and training sessions.  


A major portion of the mission and goal of OHM is to educate and train practitioners of East Asian medicine to become competent in field medicine. This is over and above what most students and practitioners of East Asian medicine learn in the acupuncture collages or what they might say in the average US-based clinic. Without the benefit of other competent physicians or health-related technology, such as X-rays, blood labs, etc. a practitioner on the field must be highly trained in the physiology and pathology of both modern (western) and classic Chinese medicines. Diagnostic conclusions and treatment decisions must be made quickly and performed efficiently. OHM is dedicated to providing relevant teaching and training throughout each year to enhance the profession and provide optimal treatment to people who have little or no other medical care available.


Getting the Word Out: Develop and promote programs to teach children about their local indigenous herbal culture. The project will facilitate and coordinate partnerships between schools and local herbal practitioners to teach children from at least grades 1 through 5 recognition of edible and herbal plants in their neighborhoods or local habitat. This would be done with in-class education and field trips.  

Previous Missions

  • Nantou Taiwan: 9.21.1999 earthquake (Daniel and Huei-Ling)

  • Swainbonath, Nepal (Benchen and Trangu Monasteries, Thamel Nunnery) 1998 (Daniel and Huei-Ling)

  • Swainbonath, Nepal(Benchen monastery), 1999 (Daniel and Huei-Ling)

  • Shechen Monastery 2000-2001 (4 months) (Daniel and Huei-Ling)

  • Shechen Monastery  Nepal and Bhutan May 2001 (Daniel and Huei-Ling)

  • Parping, Nepal (Neydo Monastery) April and November 2013 (OHM)

  • Parping, Nepal (Neydo Monastery) August 2015  (OHM)

  • Parping, Nepal (Neydo Monastery) August 2016  (OHM)

  • Parping, Nepal (Neydo Monastery) August 2017  (OHM)

  • Parping, Nepal (Neydo Monastery) August 2018  (OHM)

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